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Dear Travel Agent

We strive to exceed your expectations by offering you exceptional service in over 650 cities around the globe. And we’re always striving to do more for our clients.

UCS continuously upholds the mission of providing high quality, exceptional and affordable car service to furnish all your traveling needs.Safety. Reliability. Convenience. Efficiency & Price. Are the essential features of UCS.

As a travel agent, your goal is to make life easier for your clients by helping them manage their travel programs and itineraries. At UCS, we’re here to help you do that and to make your life a little easier, too.

For our travel industry partners, UCS is ready to meet all your clients’ needs for personalized chauffeur services and business travel management, as well as your exacting standards for responsiveness and expertise.

  • Reservation – Reservations are entered into our system and confirmations are automatically sent
  • Coordination – A coordinator is assigned to the reservation to monitor and assign it to a selected chauffeur
  • Meet-and-Greet – The chauffeur or greeter arrives at the pick-up location and escorts the passenger to the vehicle
  • Monthly Commission Statement – Commission checks and easy-to-read statements are mailed for all rides.
  • Exquisite Booking tool– You can make your reservations through a unique corporate booking tool, found on our website which allows you to retrieve receipts and make real time changes to any reservations.

So: Book rides, earn commissions

With a commission paid for each completed reservation, UCS offers a boost to your revenue: flat-rate rides earn a 10% commission; longer, hourly rides earn 12%.

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If you have any questions .Please don’t hesitate to email us at: [email protected]